The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is a standardized test used to determine the English language ability of non-native speakers wishing to enroll in English-speaking universities. The test consists of four sections, each one measuring basic language skills. All tasks focus on language used in an academic, higher-education environment. The four sections are reading, listening, speaking, and writing.

No matter which area you happen to be struggling in, our tutors will find a study plan that works best in order for you to succeed.

TOEFL Study Packages

Top-Scoring TOEFL Tutors

Our TOEFL tutors score within the 93rd percentile or above on the exam. In addition to top scores, we vet our tutors to make sure they have a digestible didactic method.

Free Introductory Hour

We add a Free Introductory Hour to every package, so students can meet their tutor and develop a customized study plan before beginning their paid package hours.

Free ETS® Materials

Prep using materials from a wide variety of companies in addition to ETS® materials issued directly from the test-makers. We include The Official Guide to the TOEFL® Test.

Payment Plans

We offer multiple extended payment options. Contact us to find out which installment plan suits your budget.

Customized Scheduling

Use your study hours as best suits your needs. Some students meet with a tutor daily, while others space it out to weekly meetings.

1-on-1 Sessions

There is no better way to prepare for the TOEFL than 1-on-1 sessions that are focused on your needs.

Top TOEFL Tutors

  • Laila K., MBA

    Laila’s appreciation and passion for learning and teaching came at an early age. Teaching Saturday play school activities at the age of 12, she had her first TA position at her British Secondary school by 15, and began teaching English…

  • Noelle M.

    Noelle grew up in Manila, Philippines, where she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree (high honors) in Psychology from the University of the Philippines. She then moved to the United States and started working with the youth population as a childcare…

  • Kelly B.

    Kelly graduated from Colgate University in 2006. After a brief stint in law school, he began teaching ESL eight years ago in South America. Since that time, he has taught English in China, Thailand, and Indonesia. He has experience teaching…

Our Approach

We start off by learning about our TOEFL students. In order to provide effective and personalized private TOEFL tutoring, it is important that we understand your history and struggles with the TOEFL, and additionally, your experience studying and speaking English. Once this is accomplished, we can create a customized plan that fits your study habits and will achieve the goals necessary to get the score you seek and the fluency required.

We'll Help you achieve your goals
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    Out Tutors are World Class

    Incomparable to the money-driven tutoring companies in the world that use standardized tests as sources of income, our tutors actually care about you and provide their undivided attention to make sure that you get the knowledge you deserve. If you desire a certain score on the TOEFL, it will be our priority to do what we can so that you achieve that score.

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    Free Introductory Hour

    We include a Free Introductory Hour with all of our TOEFL prep packages. You can use this session to establish your starting point in TOEFL prep, and create a strategy to tackle it moving forward!

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    Individualized Study Plan and Materials

    We provide The Official Guide to the TOEFL® with every TOEFL tutoring package so you and your tutor can create a TOEFL study plan for your following meetings. Meetings will be tailored  based on your TOEFL performance and the foundation of your existing knowledge. Already satisfied with your study materials? Perfect. Our tutors have your materials too. If you need advice on which materials to use, just ask your TOEFL tutor.

Just starting, stuck in the middle, or on the home stretch of preparing for the TOEFL, we will create a tutoring plan that fits your situation.

No matter how far along you are in studying for the TOEFL, you can count on our tutors to design an individualized study plan that works for you to ensure that you excel to the fullest when the test date comes around.

The Total Score
  • Reading
    0 to 30, Center at 18
  • Listening
    0 to 30, Center at 18
  • Speaking
    0 to 30, Center at 22
  • Writing
    0 to 30, Center at 20
Each of the four section scores sum up to the total score graded out of 120. The average minimum score accepted by American Universities is 75, but schools do vary. The median score on the TOEFL is 78.

Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today. - Malcolm X

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TOEFL Test Dates

march, 2023

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We acknowledge that every student is unique, and we specialize in taking an individualized approach in every lesson. Our TOEFL tutors create unique study plans tailored to each individual student’s needs.

Our tutoring prices are more affordable than our competitors and we offer extended payment plans so that all students have the opportunity to reach their full potential on the TOEFL. Every student deserves the opportunity to apply to the school of their choice, and if passing the TOEFL is what you need to do, we can help you so that you get that opportunity.

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