SAT Test Dates

SAT Date Registration Deadline Late Registration Deadline Deadline for Changes
January 23 December 28 2015 January 8 January 12
March 5 February 5 February 19 February 23
May 7 April 8 April 22 April 26
June 4 May 5 May 20 May 25

Other SAT Test Options and Deadlines

  • Sunday SAT administrations are available the day after each Saturday test date for those who cannot attend Saturday’s test date due to religious observance.

Score Release Options

  • Online Score Report: get a breakdown of your scores on every section and see how you did on every type of questions.
  • An official score report will be mailed to you roughly five weeks after the test date.
  • Score Choice: choose your best scores on every section to submit to schools


  • SAT Registration Fee: $52.50 (waivers available)
  • Register by phone: $15 (available only if you have previously registered for SAT)
  • Change fee: $28 (applied to change in test type, location, or date)
  • Late Registration Fee: $28 (applied when registering after the regular deadline, but before the late deadline)
  • Wait List Fee: $46 (only applies if you are admitted to the test center on that day)

Register for the SAT

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