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Unlike other pre-health entrance exams, the MCAT is not offered year-round. Instead, the AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges) chooses roughly 20 test dates per year. The MCAT test dates always begin in January and end in September. In general, MCAT scores are released about a month (30-35 days) after the MCAT test date.  There are multiple MCAT test dates throughout 2018. If you click on the calendar months below, you can find both the MCAT test dates and the MCAT score release dates.

october, 2021

05octAll DayScore Release Date for Sep 2nd 2021 MCAT

05octAll DayScore Release Date for Sep 3rd 2021 MCAT

12octAll DayScore Release Date for Sep 10th 2021 MCAT

12octAll DayScore Release Date for Sep 11th 2021 MCAT

Please note: all MCAT tests start at 8 am.

Remember to register for the MCAT
 with ample time in advance, as pre-meds tend to book their preferred time and location far ahead of time. Also, take note of the deadlines for canceling/rescheduling your MCAT test date.

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Top MCAT Test Dates Tutors

  • Austen H.

    Austen is a medical student at NYU. When she was a pre-med, she worked with Tutor the People tutors on her MCAT prep! Austen is eager to help other students master the newest version of the MCAT test. She benefitted…

  • Jordan L.

    Jordan is a medical student at NYU School of Medicine. He graduated from Yale University in May 2017 with a degree in history. After graduating, he spent a gap year working as a tutoring fellow at an underserved school in New…

  • Esther S.

    Esther is a non-traditional medical school applicant from Brooklyn, NY. She decided to pursue medicine halfway through her studies at the University of Chicago, where she majored in ancient Near Eastern history in addition to taking pre-med coursework. Although she…

MCAT Score Percentiles

Interested what percentile your score equates to? View our score percentiles chart below:

Total Score Percentile Rank (%) Total Score Percentile Rank (%) Total Score Percentile Rank (%)
472 <1 491 22 510 82
473 <1 492 24 511 85
474 <1 493 27 512 87
475 <1 494 30 513 89
476 1 495 33 514 91
477 1 496 37 515 93
478 2 497 40 516 94
479 2 498 43 517 95
480 3 499 47 518 97
481 4 500 50 519 97
482 5 501 54 520 98
483 6 502 57 521 99
484 7 503 61 522 99
485 9 504 64 523 100
486 11 505 67 524 100
487 12 506 71 525 100
488 15 507 74 526 100
489 17 508 77 527 100
490 19 509 80 528 100


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