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For aspiring law students, the LSAT is an important component of the application process. Our top-scoring and highly-experienced LSAT tutors will help you improve not only your test scores but also your grasp of the material and your studying strategy. We have a comprehensive understanding of both the content and the structure of the test, and our tutors will work with you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. With our help, you will be able to approach the LSAT with confidence.

Learnt by Tutor the People LSAT tutors possess both the experience and the expertise to help you achieve the score you need to get into the law school of your dreams. With Ivy League credentials and a proven track record of helping students improve their test scores, our tutors will guide you through the critical analysis and logical reasoning sections of the LSAT. You’ll also benefit from their insights into studying effectively for this notoriously difficult exam.

Our approach to LSAT tutoring:

Tutor the People specializes in taking an individualized approach with every student. To begin, we seek to learn as much about our students’ history with the exam. We ask pertinent questions, such as:

  • 1
    When did you begin studying for the LSAT?
  • 2
    Have you taken an LSAC® LSAT practice test?
  • 3
    Have you taken an official LSAT exam?
  • 4
    What are you scoring in each section?
  • 5
    Have you done entirely independent studying up until this point?
  • 6
    Do you want to work on content?
  • 7
    Do you struggle with test-taking strategies?
  • 8
    What are your best days/times of availability to meet with an LSAT tutor?
  • 9
    Do you prefer in-person or online tutoring?
  • 10
    How soon would you like to get started with a tutor?

LSAT  Tutors Available

Message any of the available tutors directly and find who is the best fit for your personalized LSAT prep. You can browse available CPA tutors here.

Here are some of the top tutors:

  1. Daniel M.
  2. Paul P.
  3. Adam W.
  4. Isiah L.
  5. John C.
  6. Brian B.
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We'll Help you achieve your goals
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    Personalized LSAT Tutor in Phoenix

    We personalize our 1-on-1 LSAT tutoring and our small group LSAT prep courses. For 1-on-1 LSAT test prep, the student-tutor pair implement a study schedule that reflects both the student’s needs and study schedule. Students have the option to meet with their tutor in-person at a mutually convenient location or online via video-tutoring from the comfort of their own home! For our small group LSAT test prep programs, the tutor creates lesson plans that tailor each lesson to helping the entire group, while simultaneously addressing individual needs.

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    It is no mystery that the LSAT is a complex test which requires extensive content knowledge in addition to general standardized test taking skill and strategy. We keep that in mind with our LSAT test prep options. Each tutor on our team is an expert in this material, and they help the students using an individualized strategy that addresses the students’ needs. Applying self-proven tricks and learned methods, Tutor the People approaches tutoring from a wholesome perspective in order to help our students with every aspect of standardized exam preparation, including multiple choice strategy, critical reasoning skills, and analysis and elimination tricks. Your tutor will teach you to learn the material while simultaneously learning to test better.

  • 3

    Free LSAT Practice Exam

    It is one thing to know the material, but when taking a standardized test, students also are expected to know how to apply their knowledge by answering questions formatted in a particular way. We encourage our students to practice real LSAT questions as much as possible. Our LSAT prep courses are meant to improve results, and to support this, we provide a free LSAT Practice Test to every student who purchases at least 12 hours or more of LSAT test prep with us. Through repeated practice on sample questions from previous versions of the exam, students will gain a better understanding of their competence on each section of the test.

Law School Opportunities in Phoenix

Phoenix, Arizona is a wildly diverse place and it is known for an immense number of things. It’s home to various competitive law schools. One of them is Arizona Summit Law School, dedicated to building up the range of abilities students need to become future pioneers.

Arizona Summit Law School is an advanced elevated institution that educates its students to be successful in their pursuit of law. They provide pre-law programs for their current students and alumni. You must have a bachelor’s degree from an authorized undergraduate institution to be able to apply to their law school. But you can also apply before graduating if you have your degree in hand by the first day of classes. They require an LSAT score that is less than five years old. Rest assured that the LSAT is offered four times a year at the law school.  If your scores don’t satisfy the admission criteria, you can submit an addendum that explains your past performance and why you believe you will be successful as an Arizona Summit Law School student.

Arizona State University (ASU) is another competitive program that provides pre-law degrees for their students. Students who want to be successful lawyers can get the opportunity to fulfill their dreams at this university. ASU Law is ranked no. 27 in the nation overall. ASU Law is the only school that has kept up its medians and 25th percentile GPA and LSAT scores when contrasted with 2010, a period when numerous graduate schools got ranked suboptimally due to the Great Recession. ASU has five specialty programs ranked in the top 30. ASU Law offers more than 250 unique courses and various popular “focused” programs for their students. Each student graduating from this college has an average of 250 hours of practical skills training. A student must have a high GPA and make no less than a B- in any pre-law course to get admission into the university.

James E. Rogers College of Law under The University of Arizona is another great institution for future lawyers.  They have a three-year course of study for the JD degree. Some of their strongest programs are Environmental Law, Criminal Law, International and comparative law, etc. They also have dual-degree programs such as JD/ Ph.D. in Philosophy or Psychology, JD/MA and Ph.D. in Economics, etc. They require the applicant to have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. LSAT scores will be accepted if they are earned within five years of the expected date of entry into law school.

To learn more about each section of the LSAT and how our tutors can help, please see below:

Logical Reasoning I & II [LR], 35 minutes each

Logic Games 35 minutes

Reading Comprehension [RC], 35 minutes

Experimental Section 35 minutes, unscored

Writing Sample 35 minutes, unscored 

Read about LSAT Test Dates here

The Total Score
  • Logical Reasoning (LR)
    2 LR sections, also known as "arguments," each containing 24-26 questions
  • Reading Comprehension (RC)
    Contains 26-28 questions
  • Analytical Reasoning
    Also known as "Logic Games," contains 22-24 questions
  • Writing Sample
    Unscored, though scanned and sent to admissions offices.
A final score ranges between 120-180.

Your final LSAT score is determined based on the following process:

1. They tally up your “raw score,” which is the number of questions answered correctly out of the 100-102 questions total. Please note that there is no penalty for guessing, so you should never leave a question unanswered.

2. LSAC converts your “raw score” into a “scaled score,” which ranges from 120-180. They use a process called “equating,” in which your scores are measured across all LSATs ever administered.

3. LSAC provides your percentile rank, which is based upon all scores from tests administered within the past 3 years. For example, if you scored an 86 “raw score,” this equals a 170 scaled score, and would put you in the 97.4% ranking. Go you!

Flexible Scheduling

Students who decide to use a package for their LSAT tutoring can choose the frequency and duration of their meetings. We understand that students’ schedules are busy and inconstant, so you can register every lesson according to the best days/times of availability.

Online or In-Person

You can meet with your LSAT tutor online or in-person. You can also choose a combination of the two. Some students prefer online tutoring because of the convenience while others would prefer an in-person LSAT prep course. No matter your preference, we have tutors available to match your needs.

More Info & Resources

Best places to study the LSAT in Phoenix

Arizona Summit Law School Library is one of the best places to study for Phoenix LSAT test prep. It is deliberately organized and characterized itself based on some critical separations. A student-focused orientation, an instructive experience that gets students ready for the act of law, administration to underserved networks, and the faculty’s responsibility for showcasing student results are some of the characteristics of the library.

John J. Ross – William C. Blakley Law Library is another great law library in Phoenix at ASU. It has one of the best law collections in the Southwest with over 310,000 volumes and volume-equivalents including international law, Indian law, Mexican law, and law and technology. The library also has a selective US govt. depository.

LSAT Resources in Phoenix

If you don’t want to miss the opportunity to get admitted into Arizona Summit Law School, you must check their admission requirements to ensure that you’re following their requirements. You can also check how to apply for different programs in the university and visit this link for the direct application process.

If you want to get admitted into the pre-law programs of Arizona State University, you must check their admission requirement page before applying. You can read their FAQs and learn more about the law programs and the university itself.

You can visit this link to apply for admission to the University Of Arizona James E. Rogers College Of Law. You can learn more about their JD programs from this link and you can also check out the other programs in their university. Non-US students can visit here for admission.

LSAT Test Dates:

february, 2023

01febAll DayJanuary 2023 LSAT Score Release

02feb12:00 am11:59 pmLSAT Writing Test Date: February 2nd of 2023

10feb12:00 am11:59 pmLSAT Test Date: February 10th of 2023

11feb12:00 am11:59 pmLSAT Test Date: February 11th of 2023

Customized LSAT Study Plan:

When studying alongside a tutor for 1-on-1 preparation, the pair creates a flexible and fluid study plan that focuses on the student’s strengths to supplement their areas of improvement. Depending on the student’s schedule, the tutor can meet as often as daily, either online or in-person at the student’s location of choice. Your tutor will present his or her proven methods and help you create the best strategy that works for your needs. In addition, the pair studies the body of the test- from the backbone of the language to the multiple choice, reasoning and elimination.

Tutor the People also offers group LSAT tutoring, which focuses on individual needs, while applying each lesson to the group as a whole. It is our mission to provide the best LSAT prep experience for every member of the group.

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