LSAT Experimental Section (also called the “Variable Section”

Our Approach
  • How to Differentiate the LSAT Experimental Section

    Being able to identify the LSAT Experimental Section is important for students in order to alleviate their stress and time constraints on so many sections. The Experimental Section is usually hidden in one of the first three sections of the exam. Using real life exams, our tutors help the students to identify the most likely experimental situation and save it for last when taking the exam.

Top LSAT Experimental Section Tutors

  • Jeff S.

    Jeff is a fourth-year evening student at Georgetown University Law Center.  During his time at Georgetown Law, Jeff has worked as a law clerk for Commissioner Pai of the FCC, and has worked as a research assistant for the Georgetown…

  • Jenn L.

    Jennifer was born and raised in the various outer boroughs of New York City, and received her undergraduate degree in Economics in 2012 from Barnard College. After college, she worked for a few years as a paralegal before deciding to…

  • Jawad A.

    Jawad started tutoring SAT and AP courses while he was an undergraduate at the University of California, and has more than a decade of experience tutoring college and graduate-school entrance tests such as LSAT, GMAT, GRE, and MCAT.

    With a…

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