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K-8 Test Prep

At Tutor the People, we understand the importance of your child’s standardized test scores, even those that are given at the K-8 level.  When it comes to getting into the most competitive elementary, middle and high schools in the country, your child needs a history of competitive standardized test scores.  We offer professional tutoring services for all of the major K-8 standardized tests, with training designed specifically around your child’s current skill level and educational needs.  Available either online or in-person, our K-8 tutoring services will help your child get better scores and improve their chances of receiving the best possible education.

Tutor the People provides exceptional tutoring for each of the standardized tests given at the K-8 grade levels.  Our instructors take a unique approach to K-8 standardized test preparation, building upon the student’s current abilities and teaching them the basic building blocks of successful test taking.  By following a customized learning plan that focuses on specific areas of weakness or areas that simply need more work, we’ll help prepare your child for lifetime of outstanding education.

Let Tutor the People teach your child how to maximize their study time and really master important concepts so that they become completely comfortable in the different subjects they are tested on. We not only prepare students for K-8 standardized testing, but also teach valuable test-taking skills and good study habits that will help students throughout their education.

Tutoring is available for the following K-8 Standardized Tests:

Success Stories
Hi! My name is Emma. About this time last year, I was starting to get very worried, and stressed about the ISEE test, especially in pre-algebra. I was so overwhelmed with all the studying. My mom got a tutor. I was worried at first, but he was very clear of what I needed to work on. I was very confident going into the test, and got a great score. If I ever have trouble again, I will definitely use tutor the people.
Emma I. ISEE

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