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The Independent School Entrance Exam, or ISEE, is accepted by over 1,200 independent schools around the world. Available in both online and paper form and in both open and closed (invitation only) administrations, the ISEE is the most advanced tool available to find your future students.

The ISEE is a standard assessment of skills for each applicant, ranking his or her reasoning and achievement skills among students in the same grade. It enables students to take a single, fair, and reliable test for entrance into top-performing independent schools. The ISEE is used throughout the U.S. and internationally, and for the City of Boston’s Exam Schools. It is the most advanced admission test available for independent schools.

About The ISEE

  • Four levels:
  • Primary – entrance to grades 2 – 4; available as an online administration only
  • Lower – entrance to grades 5 – 6; available in both online and paper/pencil administrations
  • Middle – entrance to grades 7 – 8; available in both online and paper/pencil administrations
  • Upper – entrance to grades 9 – 12; available in both online and paper/pencil administrations
  • Assessment flexibility: May be administered individually or in group settings
  • Online administration: On-demand, available any day, anytime for one student or for many students
  • Multiple options for administration: Available at ERB member schools, ERB offices, and over 400 Prometric sites in the U.S. and abroad
  • Affordable for families:  Fee waivers offered to schools for distribution to families in need
  • Based on standards of leading educational organizations:
  • The National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)
  • The International Reading Association (IRA)
  • The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)

Tutor the People ISEE Staff offers an individualized study approach for the exam. Our staff will help your student reach his/her full potential on the exam. Click here to find an ISEE tutor available now.

Success Stories
Hi! My name is Emma. About this time last year, I was starting to get very worried, and stressed about the ISEE test, especially in pre-algebra. I was so overwhelmed with all the studying. My mom got a tutor. I was worried at first, but he was very clear of what I needed to work on. I was very confident going into the test, and got a great score. If I ever have trouble again, I will definitely use tutor the people.
Emma I. ISEE
Hi my name is Sarah and I was struggling with decimals. My mom set me up with a tutor through Tutor the People. During our meeting, we saw what I needed to work on. Our first session was awesome. And by the end of the month I was way better at decimals. And by the end of 2 months I was super good at it. I love this website so much. And if I ever have any trouble I will definitely go to this website.
Sarah S. Elementary Math

ISEE Tutoring Study Packages

Free ERB® What to Expect on the ISEE book

We think it’s crucial that students who are preparing for the ISEE practice on questions written by the ISEE creators. We include an official ERB® What to Expect on the ISEE book with every ISEE study package. It includes real practice questions and crucial ISEE preparation information.

Customized Study Plan

Your tutor will create a study plan based on your needs.

Top Scoring ISEE Tutors

Our ISEE tutors score within the 96th percentile or above on the exam. In addition to top scores, we vet our tutors to make sure they have a digestible didactic method.

Best Match Guarantee™

We understand that learning is subjective. We provide a Free Introductory Hour with all of our ISEE study packages. This way, you can meet your tutor, develop a tutoring schedule, and outline a study schedule–all before beginning your paid hours.

Payment Plans

We offer multiple extended payment options. Contact us to find out which installment plan suits your budget.

Customized Scheduling

Use your study hours as best suits your needs. Some students meet with a tutor daily, while others space it out to weekly meetings.

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