At Tutor the People, our whole goal is to help YOU. We do this by getting to know each of our students so that we can create a personalized HESI A2 test prep study plan tailored to your specific goals and learning style. Whether you’re struggling with content or strategy our expert tutors are here for you every step of the way to help you reach your dream school.

We'll Help you achieve your goals
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    Our Tutors are Superhuman

    In recent years HESI A2 prep has become a commodity with meager score increases and generic study plans. We hold ourselves to a different standard. We focus on individual help and customized HESI A2 prep strategies that are designed to help you excel.

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    Free Introductory Hour

    A Free Introductory Hour is included with enrollment in any of our HESI A2 prep packages. Use this initial meeting to set a strategy for your prep and a schedule for your meetings. We focus on personalized tutoring.

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    A Team of Experts Dedicated to Your Success

    In addition to content, we will work with you on testing and study strategies to help relieve any anxiety you may have. All of our tutors have personal experience with the HESI A2 which means they know exactly what you need to expect on exam day and can help you prepare.

HESI A2 Prep Study Packages

Free McGraw-Hill Education HESI A2 Value Pack

Practice makes perfect. We include an McGraw-Hill Education HESI A2 Value Pack with every study package. This comes with a Study Guide and Practice Test Questions for the HESI A2.

Customized Study Plan

We know that every student is on a different page. Your HESI A2 tutor will create a study plan that is tailored to your needs.

One on One HESI A2 Prep

We believe personalized learning is the best way to improve. You will work with one a HESI A2 tutor, 1-on-1, to build upon your foundation and learn how to improve.

Free Introductory Hour

We add a Free Introductory Hour to every package, so students can meet their tutor and develop a customized study plan before beginning their paid package hours. 

Payment Plans

We offer multiple extended payment options. Contact us to find out which installment plan suits your budget.

Customized Scheduling

Use your study hours as best suits your needs. We know that every student is on a different page. Your HESI A2 tutor will create a study plan that is tailored to your needs.

Our Approach

Step 1

When you first sign up for a HESI A2 test prep package, the first thing we are going to do is take some time to learn about your tutoring needs, schedule, and academic strengths and weaknesses. We do this through practice tests and one-on-one interviews to get to know you. This way we can match you with the perfect tutor for your situation.

Step 2

While other HESI A2 tutoring programs just focus on the exam’s content, we believe that it is equally important to focus on strategy. Our tutors will go over format, time restraints, and testing strategies so you will know exactly what the test will look like before your exam day.

Step 3

We don’t just want you to memorize some facts, we want you to become comfortable with the material so you can apply it during your nursing program. Our tutors know first-hand that the questions you’ll face on test day are designed to be confusing. By incorporating practice problems and practice tests into your prep, we help you get comfortable with the question styles you will encounter on the real HESI A2.

When the time comes for you to start your HESI A2 test prep, some of the information we’ll need includes:

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    Have you already started your HESI A2 test prep, or are you just starting?
  • 2
    Do you have a test date scheduled?
  • 3
    Have you taken the HESI A2 or a practice test before?
  • 4
    How did you score on each section?
  • 5
    What areas do you feel you struggle with or are strong in?
  • 6
    What are your best days/times to meet with a tutor?
  • 7
    Do you prefer in-person or online tutoring?

New to HESI A2 test prep? Here’s some information about the HESI A2 test:

The HESI A2 goes by many names (Health Education Systems Inc. Admission Assessment, Evolve Reach Admission Assessment, etc.) but it is most commonly known as the “HESI A2”. Similar to the TEAS, this is an admissions exam for students who plan on applying to nursing programs. The HESI A2 is designed to assess potential students so that admission can be decided, which makes your score very important if you want to stay competitive. Nursing programs will also use a student’s high school GPA to decide if they will be a good fit, which makes this test a good way to make up for a weak GPA.

There are 9 sections of this exam and which ones you take will depend on what the school chooses. The school will also choose what kind of time limit they want to implement, though most schools go with 4-5 hours. The 9 sections include:

The Total Score
  • Reading Comprehension
    55 questions | One of the most popular sections
  • Vocabulary and General Knowledge
    55 questions | One of the most popular sections
  • Grammar
    55 questions | One of the most popular sections
  • Basic Math Skills
    55 questions | One of the most popular sections
  • Biology
    30 questions
  • Chemistry
    30 questions
  • Anatomy and Physiology
    30 questions
In addition to these standard test sections, most students will be required to take the Learning Style (14 questions) and Personality Profile (15 questions) sub-tests.

What Makes Us Different

Between work and family, we understand that life can be busy. That’s why we let you set the schedule for your tutoring sessions. Online or In-Person, we work with you to create a HESI A2 tutoring schedule that sets you up for success while accommodating your busy life.

Expert Tutoring Shouldn’t Break The Bank

We know this journey of HESI A2 prep is expensive, which is why we focus on providing expert tutoring at prices more affordable than our competitors. We also offer a money-back guarantee and extended payment plans so you can just focus on getting ready for your dream school.

Group Options

Our HESI A2 group classes are formed on an as-needed basis both online and in-person depending on your preferences. When you sign up for group classes, a specialized tutoring expert will get to know each student before assessing the group as a whole, so they can create a strategic plan that suits everybody.

More Info & Resources

Where to Sign Up

Most nursing schools and programs will handle the administering of the HESI A2 test themselves. Check out the websites of the schools you will be applying to for more details.

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