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At Tutor the People, our goal is to set you up for success while matching your unique needs. We do this by starting with the fundamentals so that we can build strong foundations that will last beyond the exam and long into your academic career. The AP Calculus exam can be intimidating, but we work with you every step of the way so you have the tools you need to crush the exam.

Personalized Tutoring

Our AP Calculus Exam tutors cater to your specific needs. Whether you need help with advanced definite integral calculation or just a simple review of limits and series, we will help you score a 5. Our AP Calculus tutors have the qualification and expertise to apply their skills to students seeking help with both AP Calculus AB and AP Calculus BC.

We'll Help you achieve your goals
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    Beat the Pressure

    The AP Calculus exam is a daunting obstacle between you and getting admitted to a top ranked university. Our tutors will combine their knowledge with a wide variety of practice material to ensure there won’t be any surprises for you come test day.

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    Specialized Approach

    We specialize in taking an individualized approach to test prep. Your tutor will create an AP Calculus Exam study plan that focuses on your performance and the areas you need improvement on, ensuring that you reach your full potential in AP Calculus.

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    Free Introductory Hour

    We offer a Free Introductory Hour to all of our packages. We will personalize your AP Calculus prep during this initial meeting.  Since AP Exam season is a hectic time of the school year, especially if you are having to deal with college admissions simultaneously, we make scheduling meetings very flexible, and coordinate according to your availability. You can meet with your tutor online or in-person.

Top AP Calculus Tutors

  • Tanvir A.

    Tanvir hails from Long Island, New York, is a current healthcare consultant at ClearView Healthcare Partners and an incoming MS1 at the NYU Langone SOM. He graduated summa cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Biology…

  • Sybil N.

    Sybil, formally known as Dr. Nelson, is a homeschool mom of two wonderful girls, a biostatistician, author, professor, among other things. Having a strong history in education, Sybil has worked as a math teacher in Washington DC and locally at…

  • Courtney B.

    Courtney will graduate from Vanderbilt University in May 2019 with an honors Biology degree. She took the MCAT in August 2018 after 4 months of studying and is in the process of applying to medical school.

    At Vanderbilt Courtney was…

Our Approach to AP Calculus Prep

Advanced Placement examinations are exams offered by the College Board and are taken each May. The tests contain cumulative content spanning from the year-long Advanced Placement courses. All AP exams have a multiple-choice section and a free-response section.

When studying alongside our AP Calculus Exam tutors for 1-on-1 preparation, the pair creates a flexible and fluid study plan that focuses on the student’s strengths to supplement their areas of improvement. Depending on the student’s schedule, the tutor can meet as often as daily, either online or in-person at the student’s location of choice. The tutors present their proven methods and help you create the best strategy that works for your needs. In addition, the pair studies the body of the test- from the backbone of the language to the multiple choice, reasoning and elimination.

In order to deliver a personalized experience, we start out by learning about our students. In order to grasp your history, or lack-there-of, with AP testing, we ask the following questions:

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    What year are you in school?
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    Are you just beginning your AP Calculus Exam prep?
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    Have you taken an AP test in the past?
  • 4
    Are you struggling with content or strategy?
  • 5
    What is your target score?
  • 6
    When would you like to begin?

AP Calculus Study Packages

Save with a Study Package

We hire the best tutors in the industry and keep our prices low to give our students higher scores at a lower rate.

1-on-1 Sessions

At Tutor the People we believe the best tutoring is when the attention is on you and the study plan is tailored to your needs.

Pay in Installments

We offer different installment options for our students who use our tutoring packages. Education is in investment in your future. We make achieving higher grades easier  by taking the time to to structure individualized payment plans for each of our students.

We Let You Set The Pace

Between school, work, and extracurriculars, we understand that life can be chaotic. That’s why we let you set the schedule. Whether you prefer in-person or online AP Calculus exam tutoring, we work with you to create a study schedule that maximizes your study time while fitting your busy lifestyle. Our expert tutors are here to help you every step of the way so that you can conquer that AP Calculus exam.

We Offer Group Options

Our AP Calculus group classes are formed on an as-needed basis both online, in-person, or both! When you sign up for group classes, a specialized AP prep tutor will evaluate each individual student before assessing the group as a whole, so they can create a strategic plan that suits everybody.

What Makes Us Different

Our goal is always to fit each client’s needs and set every student on a path to success. We know that AP Calculus Prep can be expensive, which is why we focus on providing expert tutoring at prices more affordable than our competitors. We believe quality tutoring shouldn’t break the bank, which is why we also offer extended payment plans to match your lifestyle.

AP Calculus Exam Components

Multiple-choice questions: Multiple-choice questions appear on all AP exams.  These questions are based on the topics in the Content Specification Outlines.

Free-response questions: These questions are free-response based, pushing the student to demonstrate their problem-solving skills on longer, more in-depth problems.


When is the AP Calculus exam?
The exam is administered every year at the beginning of May.

How do I sign up for the AP Calculus exam?
You will register for the exam through your school. There will be a $92 exam fee that you can turn in to your school’s AP Exam coordinator.

What score do I need to get in order to receive credit?
This will depend on the college you will apply to. Use College Board’s AP policy search to find our your school’s requirements.

What should I bring on exam day?
Bring a couple of No. 2 pencils for the multiple-choice section, blue or black ink pens for the free-response section, a scientific or graphing calculator, and extra batteries for your calculator. You will also need to bring a government or school-issued photo ID.

Can I retake the AP Calculus exam?
Yes, you can take the exam every time it is offered (every May). However, your previous scores will be included in your final score report.

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