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Tutor the People offers flexible science tutoring services that are designed to meet your individual needs.  Students can choose from instruction on a variety of science topics, including the life sciences and social sciences, along with several other related topics.

Our tutors work with students to develop a customized training curriculum and learning program that is aimed at dramatically improving test scores, simplifying complicated subjects and increasing overall knowledge.  By taking both your personal learning style and your strengths and weaknesses into consideration, we can create a science tutoring program that will help you reach your academic goals and improve your test scores.

Our science tutoring services are delivered by highly knowledgeable tutors from a variety of educational and professional backgrounds.  Available via in-person tutoring, online tutoring or via recorded video (available for purchase), our science training services offer the most complete and flexible science tutoring options for motivated students.

Available Courses/Subjects:

Top Science Tutoring Tutors

  • Amareen D.

    Amareen started off lecturing medical terminology which sparked her passion for teaching and led her to begin tutoring college courses. She extensively studied every book available and took over 28 tests for the 2015 MCAT so that she could provide the best method to help other future…

  • Mimi K.

    Mimi holds a Master degree in Information Technology and a Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering from Clemson University.

    In addition of acquiring hands-on experiences in industries and labs, she has also worked on various engineering projects with the National Science…

  • Esther S.

    Esther is a non-traditional medical school applicant from Brooklyn, NY. She decided to pursue medicine halfway through her studies at the University of Chicago, where she majored in ancient Near Eastern history in addition to taking pre-med coursework. Although she…

Science Tutoring Study Packages

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We hire the best tutors in the industry and keep our prices low to give our students higher scores at a lower rate.

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At Tutor the People we believe the best tutoring is when the attention is on you and the study plan is tailored to your needs.

Pay in Installments

We offer different installment options for our students who use our tutoring packages. Education is in investment in your future. We make achieving higher grades easier  by taking the time to to structure individualized payment plans for each of our students.

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