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It can be difficult to exhibit your highest potential in a classroom full of intelligent people, all vying to make their voices heard. When you choose private tutoring with us, we guarantee one-on-one, personalized attention. We have expert tutors in multiple cities who can teach both online and in-person. Our tutors guide students to uncover their inner knowledge, and teach them practical tools to express themselves through proven study methods. We understand academic success often comes from a symbiosis of repeated preparation and healthy lifestyle choices. To that end, we instill skills in students that prove useful both inside the classroom and out.

We match you with a tutor based on your needs and the tutor’s expertise. Our tutors are all background-verified, so you can be confident that you are learning with some of the
nation’s smartest tutors.

We offer both hourly rates and bulk pricing. Depending on your needs, we can help you repeatedly throughout the semester, or just help you prepare for that huge final exam on an as-needed basis. We specialize in taking an individualized approach with every student. If you are struggling in school and want help using private tutoring, just contact us. Please tell us all about your academic needs, and we will will match you with a handpicked expert tutor.

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Our Tutors Offer:

  • The best supplemental instruction and private tutoring for all academic courses
  • Course-schedule planning and academic advisory
  • Essay editing and help with graduate school applications
  • Tips on how to get your coveted research position or internship
  •  Meet you at your location of choice, or online for those who prefer to learn on their computers

Applying to Graduate School?

Most of our tutors are currently pursuing–or have recently completed–a PhD, MD, JD, MFA, and more. They have the experience and skill-set to guide you through the entire application process, and to help you expose yourself on paper in a way that will please the application committee. Click on the link above to learn more about our application help services.

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