Our Goal Is To Change How You Think About Math

At Tutor the People, we believe in taking a personalized approach to geometry tutoring. We know math can feel impossible to some, which is why we work with each of our students to translate difficult concepts into more manageable ideas. When you first sign up for one of our math prep packages, your geometry tutor will sit down with you to learn about your experience with math and your goals with geometry. They will then help you create a completely personalized study plan that will build upon your skills to expand your knowledge. No matter your level of geometry, our expert tutors are here to help you grasp new concepts in a way that will stick with you far into your academic career.

Our Approach
  • The Study Plan

    Do you need help with your geometry coursework or want to improve your standardized test scores? Your tutor will work with you 1-on-1 to create a custom study plan that works at your pace and your skill level. Together you will create a flexible and fluid study plan that focuses on building a strong, academic foundation.

  • Free Introductory Hour

    A free introductory hour is included with enrollment in any of our math prep packages. A free introductory hour is included with enrollment in any of our geometry tutoring packages. It's important you set strong foundations in geometry. During the intro hour, you and your tutor will develop a plan of attack that's personalized to you.

  • A Team Of Experts Here For You

    Depending on your schedule, you and your tutor can meet every day, either online or in-person. Our expert geometry tutors will work with you to help you get better grades, gain confidence, and improve your test scores.

We’re Here To Help You Put The Pieces Together

Without a doubt, geometry can feel intimidating. Trying to visualize and piece together the right calculations can feel like a giant puzzle you just can’t solve. That’s why we want to work with you to help you take a step back and see the whole picture. Our expert tutors can provide you with methods to grasp the necessary geometry concepts, no matter what level you’re at.

Our tutors are available to meet in-person in multiple cities across the nation, or you can meet them online from the comfort of your sofa. When you sign up for one of our tutoring packages, we’ll match you with a tutor who complements your unique learning style and goals. Your personal geometry tutor will then tailor the lessons to your learning preferences. We believe that a highly individualized learning plan will allow you to excel in your math studies by working with your unique strengths and weaknesses. It is our goal to lead you to your best potential.

Geometry can seem impossible to some, which is why we focus on building confidence with every stage of the learning process. We want to change how you think about geometry by showing all of our students that anybody can be good at math.

Why Is Geometry So Important?

Geometry is the mathematical study of the size, shape, relative positions of figures, and properties of space. As early as the 3rd century BC, Euclid created Euclidean geometry. During ancient history, the understanding of Geometry was crucial for understanding astronomy and the earth’s position in the universe. Furthermore, it is through the study of geometry that people were able to calculate the height of structures and distances from one object to another. Some categories within the field of geometry include Euclidean geometry, differential geometry, topology geometry, and algebraic geometry.

Geometry is useful in many fields – from astronomy to physics, to the study of advanced mathematics. In addition, a firm understanding of geometry is expected for the SATACT, and GRE. Tutor the People has qualified Geometry tutors on staff in multiple cities who can meet both online and in-person. Let us help you master the material and reach your full potential.

Top Geometry Tutors

  • Jeff S.

    Jeff is a fourth-year evening student at Georgetown University Law Center.  During his time at Georgetown Law, Jeff has worked as a law clerk for Commissioner Pai of the FCC, and has worked as a research assistant for the Georgetown…

  • Ethel Y.

    Ethel attended the University of Chicago as an undergraduate, where she studied Biology, with a focus on global public health and epidemiology.

    Outside of work and class, Ethel helped lead a student chapter at UChicago in a partnership with a grassroots Peruvian NGO…

  • James L.

    James’ greatest specialty is with the law school entrance exam, known (and dreaded) by soon-to-be law students as the LSAT. He has taught the LSAT for 7 years, scored a 180 on the September 2009 LSAT, and several of his students have…

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