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Calculus is the mathematical study of change. It refers to any method or system of calculation guided by the symbolic manipulation of expressions. There are two major branches of Calculus: differential calculus and integral calculus. Differential calculus studies the rate at which quantities change. Integral calculus focuses on the accumulation of quantities and the areas under and between the curves. Both branches relate to each other by the fundamental theorem of calculus.


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Calculus is useful in engineering, economics, science, and oftentimes is useful in algebra problem types. A course in calculus will be fundamental to the study of advanced mathematics. Calculus forms the building block of more advanced mathematics: mathematical analysis. Historically, Calculus has been referred to as “infinitesimal calculus.”

Do you have trouble with limits and infinitesimals, differential calculus, Leibniz notation, integral calculus, or fundamental theorem? Tutor the People’s Calculus team can provide you with methods to grasp the teachings of calculus. Our tutors are available to meet in person in multiple cities across the nation, or you can meet them online from the comfort of your sofa. Our tutors have a proven mastery of the material and are ready to share their knowledge in order to help you succeed. It is our goal to lead you to your best potential. Just find a tutor who is “available now” to meet you either in person or online, and you will improve your performance. Our highly accessible tutors will tailor the lessons to your learning preferences. A highly individualized learning plan will allow you to excel in your math studies.

Calculus can be very overwhelming. Using a completely personalized study plan, a Tutor the People tutor will help you build upon your skills to expand your knowledge and provide the calculus help so you may confidently grasp new concepts. By applying your study method and current foundation of calculus knowledge, your tutor will provide you with the fundamentals necessary to progress in your calculus studies. Call or email Tutor the People’s helpful administration to learn more about how our specialists can provide the best calculus help.


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  • James L.

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  • Jenn L.

    Jennifer was born and raised in the various outer boroughs of New York City, and received her undergraduate degree in Economics in 2012 from Barnard College. After college, she worked for a few years as a paralegal before deciding to…

  • Julian A.

    Julian loves to help people however he can, and he’s logged the hours helping friends move to back up that claim. A recent graduate of NYU Law, Julian’s core background is in math and physics, which he TA’ed at the…

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