At Tutor the People, we understand that math can be an intimidating and frustrating subject for students of all ages. It can be easy to believe that math “just isn’t your thing”, but that’s why we’ve worked with our expert tutors to create programs specifically designed to be adaptable to your unique learning style.

We firmly believe that anybody can excel in math when they’re given the proper tools.
We know that every student has different challenges and strengths when it comes to learning math, and that’s why our team of online math tutors take the time to get to know their students before launching into the lessons. This way they can assess your learning style and problem areas to create the perfect tutoring program designed just for you.

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Our Approach
  • An Individualized Approach

    Do you need help with your math coursework or want to improve your standardized test scores? Your online math tutor will work with you to create a custom study plan that works at your pace and your skill level.

  • Free Introductory Hour

    A free introductory hour is included with enrollment in any of our math prep packages. It's important that we understand your background with math, so we can help personalize your math studies and tutoring.

  • A Team Of Experts Here For You

    Through our in-person and online tutoring programs, we can help math students just like you get better grades, improve test scores, and gain confidence in a variety of mathematical topics.

Success Stories
I absolutely recommend this business if you're looking for quality tutors. As a late-entry student, I needed a tutor who could assist me with getting my math skills up to par. Eliza was able to match me with someone who not only understood where I was coming from, but invested time in making sure I caught up!
Hollie M. Math

Top Math Tutors

  • Sybil N.

    Sybil, formally known as Dr. Nelson, is a homeschool mom of two wonderful girls, a biostatistician, author, professor, among other things. Having a strong history in education, Sybil has worked as a math teacher in Washington DC and locally at…

  • Karl Z.

    Karl Z. has worked as an academic and test prep tutor for more than a decade.

    He has worked with hundreds of students at all levels and with all kinds of score goals over that time period. As a lifelong…

  • Rachel M.

    New York tutor Rachel M. recently graduated from Cornell University where she studied Biology and Anthropology. She self-studied for the January 2019 MCAT while balancing her undergraduate courses, and scored in the 99th percentile. She is now working as a…

We Believe In A Personalized Approach

At Tutor the People we recognize that when it comes to learning math, everybody is different. In addition to different learning styles, every student learns best at a different pace, and that’s okay! Before you get started with one of our in-person or online math programs, our expert tutors will take some time to ask you questions and get to know your history with the material. This way they can create a customized plan designed to help you master the fundamentals before moving into more advanced topics.

Anybody can excel in math when they're given the proper tools.

We’re Here To Change How You Think About Math

We’re here to help! We know that math at any level can feel intimidating and impossible, but we’re here to change how you think about math. We take the time to match you with an in-person or online math tutor who suits your learning style so they can create the perfect study plan just for you. Our proven methods are designed to help you understand the fundamentals and learn at your own pace so that we can create a solid foundation for more advanced material later on.

Math Study Packages

Save with a Study Package

We hire the best tutors in the industry and keep our prices low to give our students higher scores at a lower rate.

1-on-1 Sessions

At Tutor the People we believe the best tutoring is when the attention is on you and the study plan is tailored to your needs.

Pay in Installments

We offer different installment options for our students who use our tutoring packages. Education is in investment in your future. We make achieving higher grades easier  by taking the time to to structure individualized payment plans for each of our students.

We Let You Set The Pace

We understand that life can be chaotic. That’s why we let you set the schedule. Whether you prefer an in-person or online math tutor, we work with you to create a math tutoring schedule that sets you up for success while accommodating your busy life. Whether you need help for a test or just for class, our expert tutors are here to set you up for success.

We Offer Group Options

Our math group classes are formed on an as-needed basis both online and in-person depending on your preferences. When you sign up for group classes, a specialized math prep tutor will evaluate each individual student before assessing the group as a whole, so they can create a strategic plan that suits everybody.

What Makes Us Different

Our goal is always to fit each client’s needs and set every student on a path to success. We know that private math tutoring can be expensive, so we focus on providing expert tutoring at prices more affordable than our competitors. We also offer extended payment plans so you can just focus on your studies.

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