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Tutor the People offers customized math tutoring services from professional, knowledgeable tutors.  Our math tutoring program covers the most popular subjects and course areas.  We tutor students on everything from basic algebra concepts, to the most complex problems in trigonometry and calculus.


No matter what your current math skill level is, let our highly trained tutors help you develop the skills and learn the concepts needed to dramatically improve test scores and get better math grades.

At Tutor the People, we recognize that not only does everyone have a different learning style, but we all tend to learn at a different pace as well.  Our math tutoring program is customized to your needs, taking into account your current skill level and knowledge about the subject matter.  We work closely with students to ensure they master the basics before moving on to more complicated concepts.  Through individualized instruction and a variety of training exercises designed to suit your learning needs, we’ll help you master even the most complicated mathematical concepts.

Do you need help with your math coursework or want to improve your standardized test scores?  Let Tutor the People work with you to create a learning program that works at your pace and your skill level.  Through our in-person and online tutoring programs, we can help math students just like you get better grades, improve their test scores and increase their overall confidence in a variety of mathematical topics.

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Math Study Packages

Save with a Study Package

We hire the best tutors in the industry and keep our prices low to give our students higher scores at a lower rate.

1-on-1 Sessions

At Tutor the People we believe the best tutoring is when the attention is on you and the study plan is tailored to your needs.

Pay in Installments

We offer different installment options for our students who use our tutoring packages. Education is in investment in your future. We make achieving higher grades easier  by taking the time to to structure individualized payment plans for each of our students.

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