Essay writing is a crucial skill for academic success. Our experts are here to help you craft the best essay possible and improve your writing overall. When you sign up for an essay editing package you’ll be assigned a live tutor (not just a bot) who will help you through every stage of the writing process. Our professional essay editing tutors work one-on-one with students, providing helpful writing tips, essay editing, and constructive criticism on their content.

We offer essay editing services online for your convenience! Just send us your essay via email, and we will provide edits that are tracked via a word document application along with any questions/suggestions we might have for your essay.


Our Approach
  • Step 1: Revise

    Our first step is to learn about your needs and goals, as well as the assignment requirements. This way, your tutor takes a look at your essay they can help you decide if there are any major thematic or structural changes that need to be made.

  • Step 2: Edit

    After major edits have been made, your tutor will narrow in to focus on strengthening your essay overall. This involves strengthening your arguments and language, making sure you have strong supporting evidence, and clarifying existing thoughts.

  • Step 3: Proofread

    Once all structural changes are finalized, a final pass will be done to look for grammatical, formatting, and spelling mistakes. This final proofread will work to polish your essay to ensure that it is ready to submit.

We’re Here To Help

Editing an essay, whether it is academic or for an admissions application, can be stressful. It can take hours to thoroughly edit and revise an essay, which often involves cutting out entire sentences that we’ve grown attached to during the writing process. That’s where we come in! Our essay editing service experts will go through your essay to provide notes, edits, and pointed questions to help you make the most out of your writing.

We’ll work with you every step of the writing process.

What is the difference between revising and editing an essay? The main difference is the scale of the changes you want to make. In revising, you are looking for large changes that need to be made for the essay to work such as adding or removing entire paragraphs. In editing, you are looking for smaller ways you can strengthen your essay such as quotes or sentences you can add. That’s why our essay editing tutors will walk you through a 3 step process of revising, editing, and proofreading–to make sure that your essay is strong on every possible level.

What we’ll need from you

In order to ensure the best essay editing services, it is always helpful if you can provide your tutor with as much information about the essay as possible.

  1. What is the prompt?
  2. Does your teacher/professor detail specific essay expectations in the course syllabi? If so, please include it in an email attachment.
  3. For personal statement revision, please let us know about the respective expectations of each school/university to which you are submitting the application.

Top Essay Editing Tutors

  • Rose W.

    English tutor Rose W. is an MAT student at the University of Puget Sound, which is also where she graduated with a BA in Writing. She has worked as an English tutor for high school and college-level students since 2013…

  • Rebecca B.

    Rebecca is a middle school teacher and LSAT enthusiast. She discovered two things when she started studying to be a school principal:

    First, she was fascinated with special education law Second, she really didn’t want to be a principal…
  • Alex C.

    NYC GRE tutor Alex C. is a literary translator (from Russian) and a former Professor of Russian Literature at CUNY-Queens College. He was awarded a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship in Literary Translation in 2015. His first full book,…

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me with my personal statement/academic/admissions essay?
Our essay editing service experts can help you with any kind of writing at any academic level. Of course, if you’re writing a personal statement or admissions essay, we also have application advisors who can help.

What if I need help starting my essay?
No worries! Our tutors can help walk you through the outline and brainstorming process so you can make sure you’re starting aimed in the right direction. We’ll also offer essay editing techniques to help you learn what writing pitfalls to look out for.

Will you fact check my essay?
Our tutors are incredibly knowledgeable about the writing process and the formalities behind a sound piece of writing, but they aren’t necessarily experts in the subject area you are writing about. If you need help with a particular subject, consider working with one of our subject tutors instead. We offer expert tutoring in all subjects.

Can you help with citations?
Of course! As part of the final “proofreading” phase, your tutor will go over the formatting of your essay, citations, and bibliography.

Can you guarantee I’ll get an “A”?
While our tutors are outstanding, they are not professors and cannot predict the grade/outcome you will receive on an essay. We do strive to help your improve your writing skills, but we cannot guarantee a high grade.

Essay Editing Study Packages

Save with a Study Package

We hire the best tutors in the industry and keep our prices low to give our students higher scores at a lower rate.

1-on-1 Sessions

At Tutor the People we believe the best tutoring is when the attention is on you and the study plan is tailored to your needs.

Pay in Installments

We offer different installment options for our students who use our tutoring packages. Education is in investment in your future. We make achieving higher grades easier  by taking the time to to structure individualized payment plans for each of our students.

More Info & Resources

Free Online Writing Resources

EasyBib is an easy way to check citations and write your bibliography.

Harvard’s guide for how to edit an essay Part 1 and Part 2.

OEdb lists 150 writing blogs to help you hone your craft.

Purdue OWL’s is a great resource for any writing questions you have.

Our Guidelines

Please do not request our help on the day that your paper is due!  It takes time and often several revisions to write a quality essay.  In order for our tutors to provide the most help, they need plenty of time in advance of your paper’s due date to work with you and answer your questions.

Students can submit up to three drafts of the same paper for ongoing revisions.



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