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If you’ve heard of JavaScript, you’ve probably also heard of jQuery. Countless browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and even Internet Explorer, support the use of JavaScript. However, these browsers interpret JavaScript differently in subtle ways, which means developers have to go the extra mile and write particular code to satisfy different browsers. jQuery came to the rescue just a few years ago by standardizing and simplifying the browsers’ interactions and animations. With a little help from jQuery, developers could write their code once and be certain that the code works regardless of which browser is used. jQuery is an extension of JavaScript in the form of a library. Like JavaScript, jQuery makes websites interactive, and since it contains many useful, pre­written functions, it also makes writing JavaScript a simpler, more elegant task. It is practically a simplified version of JavaScript, taking common elements from JavaScript and writing them with fewer lines of code. Once you master JavaScript (link this to the JavaScript tutoring page), it would be beneficial to also learn how to use this library from a qualified jQuery tutor, who will make your programming productivity skyrocket.

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Top jQuery Tutors

  • Vania L.

    Vania graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2015 with a double major in mechanical engineering and music, while also completing pre-med requirements. A problem solver and avid learner, she enjoys teaching others the tricks of gaming standardized…

  • Laila K., MBA

    Laila’s appreciation and passion for learning and teaching came at an early age. Teaching Saturday play school activities at the age of 12, she had her first TA position at her British Secondary school by 15, and began teaching English…

  • Dave R.

    David is a full-stack web developer who enjoys building websites and web applications using modern technologies like HTML5, JavaScript, Python and Node.js to name a few.

    David’s career began as a Real Estate finance professional but in 2008 he would…

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