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Organic chemistry, or “orgo” for short, is a branch of chemistry revolving around matter that contain carbon atoms. If you are in the pre­medical track or are interested in chemistry, you are bound to encounter organic chemistry. Having a solid foundation of organic compounds and their reactions can help you better understand how chemistry and biology are tied together in the world around us. Topics in organic chemistry include the theories and applications of carbon compounds, the structure of hydrocarbons, organic functional groups, and more. There are many careers revolving around organic chemistry. For example, chemistry teachers, chemists, clinical research coordinators, natural sciences managers, and water resource specialists all need to have a solid understanding of organic chemistry in order to do well. Other professions that also require a grasp of organic chemistry are chemistry plant and system operators, chemical technicians, food science technicians, materials scientists, nuclear monitoring technicians, soil and plant scientists, and much more. Since so many professions have to be well-versed in this subject, there is no doubt that knowing organic chemistry inside and out is a strong skill to have.

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If you need organic chemistry help, whether it’s learning the many different reactions, memorizing nomenclature, visualizing 3D structures in space, or understanding molecular theory, Tutor the People is here for you. Through one-on-one tutoring, you will work together with a professional tutor to create a personalized study plan. Our expert tutors are conveniently located in multiple major cities and available to give you organic chemistry help either online or in person. Our tutors tailor the lessons to your needs, aiming to break down concepts, demystify organic chemistry, and make your learning experience less stressful.

Top Organic Chemistry Tutors

  • Sarah Q.

    Sarah is a 4th year medical student at Harvard Medical School. She was intrigued initially by the psychology of human actions and wanted to learn more about the brain. She majored in Neuroscience and Behavior at Columbia University, where she conducted…

  • Sven W.

    Sven is a senior at Northwestern University studying biology. He self-studied for the new MCAT last summer and scored in the 99th percentile (a composite score of 521). After graduation in June, he plans to spend his time working on…

  • Mike H., MD/MA

    Mike graduated from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine with an MD/MA in 2013, and as an MD, Mike appreciates the difficulty of the medical school application process from both sides.  Before medical school he worked as a scientist in biotech for 10 years,…

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I ended up doing great in my chemistry class with Jordan’s help, at the end of the semester I got an A. I was struggling so much in the beginning of the semester before I sought help, and after my lessons with him I was able to understand the material so much better and felt a lot better about the class as a whole. I would strongly recommend him to anybody struggling with chemistry and other classes.
Hailey H. Organic Chemistry
More Info & Resources

Boise State University provides a plethora of resources for those who want to supplement their lectures and classes. From multiple choice questions to visual aids to tutorials, this website has got you covered when you need more organic chemistry help outside of the classroom.

Professor William Reusch from Michigan State University provides many practice problems sorted by topic. These problem sets are especially helpful because of how similar the questions are to those on standardized exams like the GRE, ACS, and MCAT.

Barnard College’s multimedia guide provides videos and written instructions that demonstrate different experiments done in lab. Though learning through this website does not replace the hands-on experience obtained in a real lab, it can help you prepare for and understand similar organic chemistry experiments you will encounter in the future.

UC Davis has thorough, coherent notes accompanied by 3D models and Lewis structures that explain the many different kinds of organic compounds.

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