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Biochemistry is a branch of science that ties chemistry and biology together, focusing on the chemical processes related to living organisms on a molecular level. Biochemists research cell activity, whether it’s how they work together to combat illnesses or the steps need to take to grow and divide. By learning how structures of molecules relate to their function, biochemists can predict how molecules interact inside cells. Biochemistry covers the basis for various fields including forensics, genetics, microbiology, and medicine. Consequently, many professions connected to these fields have a strong focus on biochemistry and include biologists, forensic scientists, clinical data specialists, biochemical engineers, biochemists, biotechnologists, and biological technicians. If you are preparing to take the GRE Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology Subject Test and particularly need biochemistry help, you came to the right place. Biochemistry covers 36% of the exam, so it is not recommended to walk into the testing room with a cloudy understanding of biochemistry.

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Having a strong foundation of biochemistry is integral if you are pursuing a career in life sciences or just trying to understand the world around you. If you have trouble wrapping your head around nucleic acids, metabolic pathways, electrophoresis, or anything of the like and need biochemistry help, a Tutor the People professional tutor can guide the way. When meeting with a tutor for a one-on-one session, you will analyze your strengths and weaknesses in the subject and create a customized study plan that fits your needs. Whether you meet online or in person, your tutor will expand your horizons to help you obtain a mastery in biochemistry.

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  • Sophia H.

    Sophia is a current medical student at Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons. She graduated from NYU with a B.A. in Economics. When preparing for the MCAT, she studied for three months for the April 2016 MCAT and…

  • Vince G.

    Vince has had extensive experience tutoring college students in a variety of subjects required for medical school, including math, chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, and biochemistry, in addition to serving as an instructional assistant to various college science courses where he…

  • Lindsay H.

    Lindsay is headed to the University of Washington (Seattle) to complete her residency in internal medicine after completing her MD degree at the Medical University of South Carolina. She is excited to pursue a career in internal medicine because of…

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More Info & Resources

The University of Arizona has free problem sets online that cover a wide range of topics in biochemistry such as large molecules, amino acids, acids and bases, energy, enzymes, catalysis, and photosynthesis. The multiple choice questions have brief explanations and tutorials that reinforce why certain answers are wrong and why others are right.

UC Davis has comprehensive notes and lessons that can supplement your lecture notes and homework assignments. Diagrams and other visual aids are provided to create an engaging learning experience.

If you are prepping for the GRE Subject Test, ETS provides an official practice book with an overview of the exam. There are practice problems at the very end that give you a glimpse of what to expect on the day of the test.

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