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Our current scholarship is offered for pre-med students. You can read about it here.





Respond to Prompt For each of our essays, students are expected to respond to the essay prompt provided, within 500-1,000 words.

Vote All contestants will have the option to vote and rate all submissions according to clarity, grammatical usage, and persuasiveness. Help us choose the best submission!

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More about the process…

• Prompt •

Tutor the People Scholarship 08/15/15: What is your preferred field of study in education? Please tell us about what significant person, event, etc. in this field has influenced you, and how.

Word limit: 500 – 1,000 words

• Submit •

Submit your essay by clicking “Submit Entry” below. Please copy/paste your title and essay from a word processor to the dedicated fields.

• Share •

Share your entry via email and social media to get more votes for your submission! (see below for voting guidelines) Use #TTPSCHOLARSHIP in social media postings.

• Vote •

Review other submissions and submit votes.

• Win •

The student with the highest number of votes wins a $1,000 scholarship made payable to their educational institution!


  1. You are not obligated to upload a photo of yourself. In the image field, please upload either a photo of yourself (selfie), photo of your family, landscape, etc.
  2. We accept submissions beginning 05/15 – 08/15.
  3. Voting begins 07/15/15.
  4. There is a one vote limit per IP address.
  5. Email scholarships@tutorthepeople.com if you have any questions.
  6. It can take anywhere from 24-48 hours for your scholarship to post publicly. Our committee reads and approves each submission. Have a question? Just email the address above.

Essay “Do and Don’ts” Click here to read about the “Do and Don’ts” of scholarship essay submissions.