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Tutor the People Scholarship 08/15/15: What is your preferred field of study in education? Please tell us about what significant person, event, etc. in this field has influenced you, and how.

Word limit: 500 – 1,000 words

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My Goals and Aspirations

Category : Essay Contest

Throughout my time in school I have been interested in many different fields of study to endure during my time in college. Nursing, primary education, and oceanography were all career paths that I looked into. However, none of these areas Read the rest

The Proof Arrives

Category : Essay Contest

One day last May, a very important box arrived from Amazon.
Inside the box were two identical books– two proofs of the publication Ampersand: the student journal of school & work, produced every year by my school’s junior class following Read the rest

Marine Biology and Instant Noodles

Category : Essay Contest

Marine biology was always my preferred field of study in college, ever since a fateful trip to Catalina Island in middle school that began with thrown up instant noodles all over the floor of a shaking boat. This trip would Read the rest

Building our Future

Category : Essay Contest

Buildings and structures have helped shaped the world we inhabit now. Without them, we would not have evolved our culture or have been able to travel and explore new territories. Choosing architecture as my preferred major is not only a Read the rest

Learning History

Category : Essay Contest

I have always liked most subjects in school, with the exception of geometry, but if I had to pick a favorite, I would have to say it is History, especially U.S. History. I did well in history class throughout all Read the rest

A Change of Mind

Category : Essay Contest

I was always the girl with a plan. A forward-thinker. A planner. At the age of fifteen, I knew I was destined to attend the animal-oriented Texas A&M University in College Station with my best friend, Emily. I would earn Read the rest

The Stepping Stones of Education

Category : Essay Contest

We are all destined to make important decisions in our life time, some of them will be life changing and others we will count as mistakes and learn from them. But none of these decisions seem to be as important Read the rest

Sickness turns to Motivation

Category : Essay Contest

My whole life I have always dreamed of being in the medical field. My preferred studies is to major in Biology with an emphasis of pre-medicine then go on to medical school. I want to specialize in pediatrics. Also, I Read the rest

Self Motivation

Category : Essay Contest

Law has always been interesting and self powering in my preference. I grew up watching shows like “criminal minds,Lock down,judge Judy,Judge Mathis…Anything I could scroll on my guide and see something about the law,politics,things happening in the world,prisoners life stories Read the rest

Miracles of My Own

Category : Essay Contest

I grew up around children with a variety of brain abnormalities because my mother owns and runs a pediatric rehabilitation clinic. I came to know and befriend some of these children over time. My desire to help others through the Read the rest

The Sprained Rotator Cuff That led Me To My Future

Category : Essay Contest

When I started high school I dreamed to be a doctor but only because it was my fathers dream and just about everybody else in my family. My family is from Nigeria and all they want is for their kids Read the rest

I’m Just Getting Started…

Category : Essay Contest

As an upcoming Senior, I have put much thought into my future. My past experiences and adventures have had a great influence on my academics. One experience in particular was the time when I volunteered my time at Broadway Baptist Read the rest

The Role Boy Scouts Played in My Life

Category : Essay Contest

I discovered my passion for cooking at young age. I have had the opportunity to use my cooking skills cooking for my family, during my time in Boy Scouts cooking on campouts and during my employment at a local Italian Read the rest

Inspired to Create

Category : Essay Contest

This coming fall, I plan on attending Indiana Wesleyan University and studying a major in the field of art. I have chosen to study art, because creativity and art are all around us, and I think that life without art Read the rest

A Voice for the Speechless

Category : Essay Contest

Vampire bats are one of the many misunderstood animals. Commonly, they are thought to be vicious creatures that will attack for blood. Although they drink blood, they scarcely attack humans and their bites do not harm their prey. Vampire bats Read the rest

Tutor the People Scholarship Essay

Category : Essay Contest

My personal, preferred field of study in education is science. From taking many science classes in high school including biology, AP biology, and chemistry, I have grown an interest in why things are the way they are. Biology really helps Read the rest

Life As I’ve Known It

Category : Essay Contest

The sun began to kiss the ocean and shore goodnight as I lay upon the sand gazing at the stars. Water drifted back and forth between my toes as I lay motionless and in deep thought. My mind raced for Read the rest

It’s All in Her Head: A Decision to Study Mental Illness through Neuropsychology

Category : Essay Contest

Regardless of whether or not I knew it at the time, mental illness has been a ubiquitous influence for most, if not all, of my life. I began researching mental illness when I was just fourteen years old, in attempts Read the rest

Expectations of a Great Leader

Category : Essay Contest

“A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. He does not set out to be a leader, but becomes one by the equality Read the rest

A Love found in Chemistry

Category : Essay Contest

Getting an education is one of the most important things for a young child, and it is equally important that this education persists throughout the child’s entire life, their life being continually enriched by little tidbits that they learn everyday Read the rest

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