Event Type MCAT Events


15mar8:00 am4:30 pmMarch 15 MCAT Test

29mar8:00 am4:30 pmMarch 29 MCAT Test


05apr8:00 am4:30 pmApril 5 MCAT Test

06apr8:00 am4:30 pmApril 6 MCAT Test

13apr8:00 am4:30 pmApril 13 MCAT Test

16aprAll DayMarch 15 MCAT Test Date Scores Released

30aprAll DayMarch 29 MCAT Test Date Scores Released


07mayAll DayApril 5 MCAT and April 6 MCAT Scores Released

11may8:00 am4:30 pmMay 11 MCAT Test

14mayAll DayApril 13 MCAT Test Date Scores Released

18may8:00 am4:30 pmMay 18 MCAT Test

23may8:00 am4:30 pmMay 23 MCAT Test

24may8:00 am4:30 pmMay 24 MCAT Test

31may8:00 am4:30 pmMay 31 MCAT Test


01jun8:00 am4:30 pmMCAT Test: June 1

11junAll DayMay 11 MCAT Test Date Scores Released

15jun8:00 am4:30 pmMCAT Test: June 15

18junAll DayMay 18 MCAT Test Date Scores Released

25junAll DayMay 23 MCAT and May 24 MCAT Scores Released

28jun8:00 am4:30 pmMCAT Test: June 28

29jun8:00 am4:30 pmMCAT Test: June 29


02julAll DayMay 31 MCAT and June 1 MCAT Scores Released

10jul8:00 am4:30 pmMCAT Test: July 10

13jul8:00 am4:30 pmMCAT Test: July 13

16julAll DayJune 15 MCAT Test Date Scores Released

19jul8:00 am4:30 pmMCAT Test: July 19

20jul8:00 am4:30 pmMCAT Test: July 20

30julAll DayJune 28 MCAT and June 29 MCAT Scores Released

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