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Washington D.C. has been at the forefront of higher learning since Bishop John Carroll helped open the area’s first university, Georgetown, in 1789.  Since then, higher education has continued to flourish, and there are now nineteen colleges and universities in the D.C. area, with the majority being privately funded.

At the end of the Civil War and during a time of growing prosperity for the nation, General Oliver Otis Howard founded the country’s first university that was created exclusively for African-American’s.  Today, Howard University has helped pave the way for many prominent African-Americans throughout history and the school continues to be one of the top performing in the nation.

Attending a university in Washington D.C. is truly a one of a kind experience.  Most schools are centrally located close the country’s most important buildings, including the White House, Supreme Court, Congress and world famous theaters and museums.  Students have access not only to amazing academic programs, but also to the best career opportunities in the areas of international affairs, politics, public policy and the arts.

Top Universities in Washington DC

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    American University

    Found in 1893, American University is a leader in international affairs and foreign policy and has a long legacy of producing politically active graduates.  The school offers a large number of degree programs for it’s nearly 6,000 students, and provides a balance of outstanding educational opportunities combined with hands-on career development in the heart of Washington D.C.

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    Howard University

    After being founded upon a congressional order in 1867, Howard University was and continues to be the most prestigious historically black college in the world and is known for being highly competitive.  As a strongly multicultural campus committed to honoring diversity, Howard has around 7,000 students and is home to one of the best law schools in the nation.

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    Georgetown University

    Established in 1789 as the first Roman Catholic University in the country, Georgetown University is a top choice for students who are interested in international relations and law.  With nearly 7,000 students and in an ideal location in the heart of D.C., Georgetown has four undergraduate schools, four graduate and professional schools, a medical residency program and other reputable programs.

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    George Washington University

    George Washington University was founded in 1821 and is located just four blocks from the White House.  With over 18,000 undergraduate students, the school provides the perfect setting for world-class internship and research programs, and is a leader in advanced business programs and international affairs education.

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    University of the District of Columbia

    UDC is the only public university in Washington D.C., offering over 75 degree programs within several colleges and schools.  The University is dedicated to providing affordable higher-ed opportunities to the community and has proudly served District of Columbia students since 1851.  Programs at UDC are designed to help students find gainful employment or prepare for continued education as a graduate student.


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