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The city of San Jose, founded in 1777, and at one time a farming community serving nearby settlements in San Francisco and Monterey, is now the third largest city in California, and the largest in the San Francisco Bay Area. Its population began to boom in the early 1950’s as veterans returning home from World War II, eager for economic opportunities, began flocking to the region. To get a sense of the growth brought to San Jose from its position as a world leader in the development of computer technology, the population grew from 3,500 in 1850 to over a million residents today. In 1948, the original tech giant IBM set up its West Coast headquarters there, where, among countless other innovations, IBM developers invented the hard disc drive. Today it is known as the “capital” of Silicon Valley, and is one of the premier cities for the research and development of computer technology in the United States. The city is also known for its many museums, as well as its commitment to funding public art. San Jose lies about 50 miles south from San Francisco. San Jose, as the center of Silicon Valley, draws its highly educated workforce from all over central and northern California, most notably from UC Berkeley and Stanford, but it has its share of higher education opportunities within (or near) the city as well. From sizable research universities like San Jose State University, to career oriented academic programs like those offered at The California University of Management and Technology, to a number of community and junior colleges designed to bridge the gap from high school to higher learning, San Jose offers a variety of educational opportunities for students, both traditional and nontraditional. Furthermore, San Jose’s proximity to other cities in the San Francisco Bay Area (as well as to breathtaking national parks like those found in Big Sur) makes it an exciting place to live, work, or study.

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    San Jose State University

    San Jose State University holds the distinction of being the oldest institution of higher learning on the West Coast. Established in 1857, today SJSU students study in a large urban campus located in downtown San Jose. The university prides itself on its commitment to diversity. It has one of the most diverse student bodies in the US. SJSU has a very high number of Asian and Hispanic students relative to other universities in the United States, and furthermore SJSU has more foreign born graduate students per capita than any other university in the United States. Offering great educational opportunities in the field of computer science and electrical engineering, SJSU claims to provide more of the workforce to Silicon Valley than any other college or university. It has an enrollment of 26,000 undergraduates and roughly 6,000 graduate students. In addition to its focus on computer technology, SJSU also offers popular undergraduate degrees in psychology and biology, and postgraduate degrees in social work and educational counseling.

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    National Hispanic University

    ]Inspired by the success of the historically black colleges and universities in making an impact on the African American community, Dr. Roberto Cruz founded National Hispanic University in Oakland in 1981 as a way to reproduce those kinds of educational opportunities for Hispanic students in The United States. The San Jose campus of NHU was opened in 1990, where it continues to offer a quality undergraduate and post­graduate education. NHU offers over 130 degree programs at every level, many of them career focused professional degrees, for example in technology, business, culinary arts, and law.

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    Golden Gate University

    Founded in 1901, Golden Gate University, San Jose, is a long time leader in preparing students of all ages and backgrounds with the skills needed to compete in the larger economy. Golden Gate University’s main campus is in nearby San Francisco, but the university also has a campus in San Jose which offers graduate programs in computer science and public administration. The university is particularly attractive to non­traditional students who look to immediately join the workforce in Silicon Valley, particularly because of its flexible scheduling (it offers a full array of classes in the morning, afternoon, and at night, so that working students can get an education with minimal inconvenience to their careers), and classroom environments that mimic as closely as possible the kind of professional work environments that predominate in Silicon Valley and elsewhere.

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    California University of Management and Technology

    California University of Management and Technology, or CALMAT, offers a masters degree in computer technology, as well as a three year bachelor’s program in business designed to prepare students for postgraduate education in that area. The primary focus of the school is to provide a place for continuing education for the silicon valley workforce. CALMAT is run with the help of an advisory board comprised of Silicon Valley business leaders, which help the school meet the needs of the area’s ever evolving economic needs, given the fast rate of change in computer technology.

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