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San Francisco is the cultural and commercial heart of Northern California. Founded by colonists from Spain in 1776, the population boomed in the California Gold rush of 1848, making it the biggest city on the west coast at the time. Today, the Bay Area is home to 8.6 million people.

Known for its steep hills and cool summers, San Francisco has long been a popular place to visit, to live, and to study. The city is littered with iconic landmarks, from the Golden Gate Bridge, to ChinaTown, to Alcatraz. The San Francisco Bay Area also has a deserved reputation as a haven of freethinkers and radicals, from the Beatnik, to the hippies, to the student­led free speech movement in Berkeley. Bay Area college and university communities have been tremendously influential on American intellectual culture.

The San Francisco Bay Area still takes higher education very seriously; it has the one of the largest percentage of college graduates per capita of any city in the United States, with up to 41 percent of adults having a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Beginning with the founding of The College of California and University of San Francisco in 1855, The Bay Area has long been a higher education hub on the west coast. Today, the San Francisco Bay Area is home to many colleges and universities. From community colleges like San Francisco City College, to the flagship school of the UC system at Berkeley, to UC San Francisco, which is the only school in the UC system solely dedicated to graduate study in medicine and biology, the San Francisco Bay Area offers every kind of higher education opportunity.

Top Universities in San Francisco, CA


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    University of California in Berkeley

    UC Berkeley, the flagship campus of the world class UC system, is located in Berkeley, California. Students at Berkeley have access to a rich cultural environment to study. Berkeley itself is filled with excellent restaurants, movie theaters, vibrant art and music scenes, and regular sporting events, in addition to being a short BART ride to Oakland and San Francisco, which both offer more of the same. There’s truly a never dull moment in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Often described as a “Public Ivy”, UC Berkeley is the most selective, and prestigious, public university in America to study for an undergraduate degree. However, Berkeley dedicates tremendous resources to graduate research as well. Berkeley’s faculty, researchers, and students have won a staggering number of prestigious academic grants and awards, including 72 Nobel Prizes, 45 MacArthur Fellowships, and 11 Pulitzer Prizes. Physicists at Berkeley have made especially strong contributions to American society, from heading up the Manhattan Project to discovering elements in the Periodic Table. Berkeley’s various accolades are too numerous to list, but is should suffice to say that Berkeley is consistently ranked as of the best public universities in the world. Berkeley has a current enrollment of 36,000 students, including 26,000 undergraduates.

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    University of California in San Francisco

    UCSF is the one campus in the UC system dedicated entirely to medical and bio­medical research. It is consistently ranked amongst the best medical schools in the U.S. UCSF is located primarily within the city of San Francisco itself, where it operates as many as 20 research facilities. Established in 1876, UCSF has an enrollment of 3,600 graduate students, all dedicating their studies to medical, bio­medical, and life science research. UCSF is also affiliated with the UCSF Medical Center, which is consistently ranked one of the best hospitals in the United States. In addition to training to be a doctor or medical researcher, students may also pursue degrees in Nursing and Dentistry.

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    Stanford University

    Stanford University is a Private University established 1891. Located 35 miles south of San Francisco, in Palo Alto, California, Stanford played a crucial role in creating and nurturing the “silicon valley”, through its research facilities and steady stream of gifted alumni. Among those gifted Stanford alumni are 21 Nobel Prize Laureates, 5 Pulitzer Prize winners, 27 MacArthur Fellows. One third of all recipients of the Turing Award (basically the Nobel Prize in Computer Science) have been faculty or alumni at Stanford. Besides contributions to Computer Science, Stanford is also well known for producing alumni who go on to make important contributions in the humanities and social sciences (the well known “Stanford Prison Experiment” was performed there), as well as in Government. It’s alumni include many heads of state, including several U.S. Presidents, as well as Secretaries of State, U.S. Congressmen, etc. Today, enrollment at Stanford is around 16,000, roughly 7,000 undergraduates and 9,000 graduate students.

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    University of San Francisco

    University of San Francisco, established in 1855, is the oldest university in San Francisco. Started in a one room schoolhouse on Market Street in what would later become Downtown San Francisco, today it has an enrollment of over 10,000 students, about 70% of which are graduate students. Known for its commitment to diversity, USF has an excellent African American Studies program, and has made great headway in minority enrollment and retention. USF is also known for providing a quality liberal arts education at an affordable value, as well as having excellent professional programs in Nursing and Computer Science.

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