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As one of the oldest cities in the United States, Boston has long been a leader in higher education and advanced learning.  Home to the country’s oldest university, Harvard (established in 1636,) the Boston area is now home to 114 colleges and universities.  One of the country’s most important historical figures in education, Horace Mann, was a celebrated American education reformer who hailed from Boston.  Mann served on the state’s board of education, the first of it’s kind in the nation, and helped to promote the expansion of higher education throughout the country.

Higher education in the region became very important in the mid-19th century, as Boston experienced a cultural explosion, thanks to an influx of literary figures and famous artists who started taking residence in the city.  The area was also experiencing a time of great innovations in math and science, leading to the opening of technology-based institutions like MIT and other advanced and specialized institutions in the Boston area.

Since the 1970’s, Boston has become home to several of the most popular universities and colleges in the nation, with Boston University boasting the largest student enrollment of any public university in the country.  At the forefront of the latest developments in technology, engineering, medicine, law and many other areas of study, Boston has something to offer for everyone.

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    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    MIT is known for teaching excellence in science, technology and other academic areas and has helped produce some of our country’s most famous scientists and mathematicians.  Since launching the first classes in 1865, the school has been strongly focused on its commitment to technological research and scientific advancements and offers several different degree programs.

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    University of Massachusetts

    UMass Amherst is centrally located between Boston and New York City and provides a world of opportunities for learning and personal development.  The school offers a large selection of undergraduate and graduate degree programs within nine schools and colleges.  Founded in 1863, UMass Amherst is the largest public research university in New England.

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    Harvard University

    Established in 1636, Harvard University is the country’s oldest institution of higher education.  The university offers degrees in 12 schools and is also home to the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study.  Located in Cambridge, Harvard is home to 21,000 students and is home to a world-renowned medical school and law school.

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    Boston University

    Boston University is the area’s largest school, serving two campuses and over 33,000 undergraduate students.  BU’s historical graduates include Civil Rights leaders, Nobel Laureates and others who have made a dramatic impact on our country’s history.  BU is comprised of 16 schools and offers over 250 fields of study.

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    Tufts University

    Established in 1852, Tufts is a private university with multiple campuses in the Boston area and a sister campus in France.  The school offers more than 70 undergraduate programs and thousands of courses, along with graduate and professional degrees in various areas of study.  Tufts is home to the oldest International Relations graduate school in the US, has the only school of veterinary medicine in New England, and has the second largest dental school in the country.

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